Potato Streams for iOS Devices Available in App Store

So you want Potato streams on an iOS device, say an iPhone or an iPad, and you want to watch all live sports streams for free, just like the android users. Well here is the solution.

Download midfield app from apple store to watch all sports live for free by clicking this link.

An enthusiastic user of Potato Streams, who also happens to be brilliant software developer has developed the iOS version of Potato Streams to be used on iPhone and has very similar functionalities as Potato Streams android app. The only difference is that the app is not called Potato Streams, but Midfield.

Potato Streams for iOS and iPhone is now available for download from apple app store.

The app is very similar to Potato Streams in almost every aspect. It has the same live streaming functionalities that help you watch Premier League Football, NFL, NHL, Pay Per View Boxing and hundreds of other competitions for free. What more? It also has the same list of 24/7 Sports channels that potato streams have. Again no subscription or signup required. Just download and enjoy.

What are you thinking then?

Get the midfield app on your iOS device now by clicking this link.

Midfield app, which you can easily call Potato Streams for iOS, though not officially released or owned by us, is highly recommended for the iOS and iPhone users. The app can also be used with iPads.

Can I get Potato Streams for iOS to work on my MacBook?

Unfortunately no. The app can only be used on iPhones or iPads. We might release a MacBook compatible version in the near future though.

Will we launch the official iOS version of Potato Streams any sooner?

Yes, of course. We will be launching the official version of Potato Streams app very soon as well, but in the meantime, Midfield iOS app can be considered a very good alternative to watch live games for free on iOS devices. Download it and share it as much as you can with your pals.